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Parasite Eve 2 - NTSC
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Welcome to RPG-Seller.com
Wednesday, 05 April 2006

Welcome to my small private Site !

On this site i try to sell my PRG-Collection.

Since the Playstation 1 has been released, i collected all Squaresoft Games and some other RPG´s, too.
But after years of playing i now don´t have time to play all the games i bought. This is the reason why i sell my complete RPG Collection.
It´s  a hard step for me to sell them, but i don´t need it anymore. I will remember playing all this great games.
So maybe You need a game of this to complete his own collection !
If you want more than one game, i can give a special price. But the price depends on the Games you take.

All games are in perfect situation, that means no scratches on the discs or damaged inlays !

I´m from Würzburg (Germany). I will ship all packages from here.

If you got question, please ask me over the "Contact Me"  Button.

So have fun browsing my shop. I only got every game one time, so if its sold there is no chance of gettin an other version from me !




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